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Bangkok Girls Price

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bangkok girls price
Usually how much does a Thai bar girl charge per night at bangkok and Pattaya?

roughtly the price in Baht

1200 BHT is average going rate right now at beer bars in bangkok, near nana.

Low as 800 for not so pretty lady, or early (6pm) or late (1am) when their business is slow.

2000 BHT will get you a very pretty lady.

If you go to a club / lady bar then you will need to pay 300-500 BHT to the bar owner to take the girl. If you find her on the street or in a beer bar then there is no barfine.

I have not been to Pattaya but I did go to Phuket and prices were about the same as Bangkok, so I would assume similar in Pattaya.

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