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lifestyle lift

“Do you need a Lift? Try us…” Says Cosmetic Harmony…

A terminally ill girl’s wish to go for the cosmetic surgery procedures to look like Demi Moore making headlines in all the leading newspapers is still fresh on people’s memory.

A recent telephonic survey compiled by ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons) reveals that the cosmetic surgery procedures now appear to be an important key to success for nearly a 15 million US women in workforce.

A documentary film, Smile Pinki, based on the story of an eight year old Indian girl, Pinki’s journey from being born with a cleft lip to undergoing a plastic surgery and transforming into a normal kid has won the Oscar award in the short documentary feature category.

Can cosmetic surgery really affect and improve one’s lifestyle?

“Yes it can.” Assures Anthony Giudice, Cosmetic Harmony Sales Supervisor. Cosmetic Harmony, one of the leading medical tourism companies in Colombia, has been providing state-of-the-art facilities in various cosmetic surgery procedures.

“Our clients when coming to us seem very stressed and unhappy with the way their bodies look. However, same clients look so much satisfied and happy after their cosmetic surgeries which actually give Cosmetic Harmony team a great feeling, maybe even greater than our fees.”

People are opting for so many Lifts these days. How do these Lifts actually help?

 “Yes, we do offer Lifts in Cosmetic Harmony that are actually lifting up the lifestyles,” quips Anthony. He explains one by one,

 “Brow Lift or forehead lift is for patients who have creases across the forehead or those that occur high on the bridge of the nose, having eyebrows too low or too straight may give an old, tired, sad, or angry look to the face.”

“Face lift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure used to lift facial tissue and make the skin look young and fresh hiding those age lines. If you feel young and lively, but your mirror no longer shows you that image, a face lift may be of great help to you.”

“Neck lift surgery is for those people whose necks show signs of premature aging or have hanging skin due to hereditary factors.”

“Arm lift or brachioplasty is a surgical procedure used to remove the excess skin and fat that make your arms look ‘saggy’.”

“Breast uplift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure used to lift sagging breasts (ptosis) and give them a better shape.”

“Lastly, the frequently photographed backsides of celebrities are, apparently, the proof enough that the butt is quickly becoming the most scrutinized body part. Cosmetic Harmony offers two surgical options that have very satisfactory results to those who are not happy with the volume or shape of their buttocks and wish they were bigger: silicone implants and microfat grafting also known as Brazilian Butt lift, that is, fat collected from other areas of the body is injected on the buttocks.”

“Do you need a Lift? Try us.” Anthony signs off.

About Cosmetic Harmony:

Cosmetic Harmony, one of the leading medical tourism companies in Colombia, has been providing state-of-the-art facilities in various cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women.  Cosmetic Harmony uses only FDA-approved materials.

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Anthony Giudice, Sales Supervisor

Cosmetic Harmony


About the Author

Anthony Giudice is a president and CEO of 5 international companies.

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